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Connect Custom GoDaddy Domain To Netlify Website

October 02, 2021

The most fascinating part of creating a website from scratch is coding the technical part - that's what developers usually like the most. But aside from that, there are a few other important steps that should be taken before your website goes live. These include...Read more


React Antipatterns: Code Duplication

September 17, 2021

Let's clarify one thing before we start - code duplication is not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, it's much better to duplicate code than to create a reusable component that accepts tons of props for handling all edge cases because it's very likely to...Read more


Create Custom Middleware In Redux

September 03, 2021

Redux is one of the most popular state management libraries available for React applications. It provides us with the store that contains the entire state of the application, actions that describe what happens in the application, and reducers that create a new state object from the...Read more


React Antipatterns: Index As A Key

August 26, 2021

In modern web applications, lists are everywhere and knowing how to render them properly is one of the first things every developer should learn. Transforming lists into React elements is typically done using the map() method. It runs on an array of...Read more


React Antipatterns: Props In Initial State

August 22, 2021

In React, props and state are everywhere - they allow us to pass information between components and manage the output of the component over time in response to various actions. Using them separately is perfectly fine, but in some cases they are...Read more


React Antipatterns: Props Spreading

August 18, 2021

Most of the time we learn how to write code, we memorize best practices, design patterns, clean code principles, and that's perfectly fine, but learning how not to write code is no less important. Antipatterns, just like patterns, have been around for...Read more


React Hooks: useRef (Full Guide)

August 14, 2021

The useRef() is a built-in hook in React that is used for two purposes: to access DOM elements and to store mutable values that persist between component re-renders. The hook accepts an argument called initialValue and returns a mutable ref object that contains...Read more


React Hooks: usePrevious

July 27, 2021

Retrieving the previous state of the component is a must in some special cases. While class-based components provide an easy and convenient way to do this via the componentDidUpdate() lifecycle hook, function components do not and you need to write custom...Read more


Error: 'yield' expression implicitly results in an 'any' type because its containing generator lacks a return-type annotation

July 15, 2021

Due to the fact that my article on How To Add Redux Saga With TypeScript To The React Application became popular, I've been asked one question a few times already. After finishing the tutorial, you expect to have built a fully working application using the mentioned technologies, but suddenly...Read more

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