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Enable Spell Checking With HTML Only

March 12, 2021

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    Recently, while browsing the web, I came across an interesting HTML attribute that allows you to spell check your input, text areas, and content editable fields.

    This can become an extremely useful addition to your website if you have a lot of forms that need to be filled out by users.

    The "spellcheck" Attribute

    The spellcheck attribute is an attribute that defines whether or not the element should be checked for spelling errors:

    <!-- Input field -->
    <input type="text" spellcheck="true" placeholder="Type something here" />
    <!-- Textarea -->
    <textarea spellcheck="true" placeholder="Type something here"></textarea>
    <!-- Editable paragraph -->
    <p contenteditable spellcheck="true">Type something here</p>
    <!-- This would not be validated -->
    <p contenteditable spellcheck="false">Type something here</p>

    Obviously, the attribute can contain either the value true or false, which should indicate whether its contents should be checked for errors or not.

    Important Note: Explicit use of the boolean value is mandatory, shorthand is not allowed:

    <!-- Shorthand is not allowed -->
    <input type="text" spellcheck placeholder="Type something here" />

    Let's see the above code in action:

    Spellcheck Code

    As you can see, the first three fields are validated and the last one is not.

    Browser Compatibility

    According to caniuse, the attribute is available in 98.95% of browsers:

    Can I Use Report

    Interesting Facts

    • If the spellcheck is not set, the default value depends on the element and the browser

      In general, contenteditable and textarea behave as if it was set to true, and input as if it was set to false

    • It does not affect validation in any way

    And much more of them in this article.


    I was surprised when I saw this attribute, will definitely use it when creating forms.

    Hopefully, it will improve the User Experience a tiny bit.

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